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Who and what is DoubleD Bot

DoubleD is a Discord bot with: NSFW, Global Currency system, Memes, Games, Moderation, Logging & Fun.

  • Why choose DoubleD?
  • Already trusted and used in over 1300+ unique servers
  • Constantly updated and being worked on
  • Free 2 Use
  • Friendly & helpful staff team
  • Giveaways on our Discord
  • Discord Support
  • A trello where you can see our plainng updates

Support DoubleD and vote for us.

  • Contributors:
  • DORTEY#5702, iBeiros#9935, todvy#6253, Danuu#6933, Seraph#0693

With our music system you can always listen to your favorite music via Discord!

Our music system offers you the following functions:

  • Loop system (Premium)
  • Youtube Together (Premium)
  • Queue system
  • Volume system
  • Skip system
  • and much more

With our sophisticated moderation system, moderating your discord is a breeze.

With our moderation system you can do the following:

  • Kick system
  • Ban system
  • Invite blocker
  • URL blocker
  • Toggle moderation setting system (ddmodtoggle)
  • and much more

With our game system, the boredom goes away.

You can play the following games:

  • Dice
  • Poker
  • Chess
  • Betrayal
  • and much more

With our level system, you can see, how active a user is

  • Serverlevel system
  • Userlevel system
  • See rank system
  • Top 10 list system
  • Customizeable rankcard
  • and much more

With our rob system you can do the following:

  • Diamond store rob (Premium)
  • Work
  • Transfer Dollar
  • Buy items
  • Give items
  • Bankrob
  • Casinorob
  • Cookierob
  • and much more
  • Tent*i Pictures (Premium)
  • Onlyfans Pictures (Premium)
  • Foxtail Pictures (Premium)
  • Monster tits Pictures (Premium)
  • A** Pictures
  • B**b Pictures
  • Sh*m*le Pictures
  • Aheg*o Pictures
  • Much gif categorys
  • and much more

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions can be found below.

  • You need to invite DoubleD in you'r or you'r friend's server and type in a chatroom "ddhelp"

  • You need to setup first a support role with "ddsetticketrole [ROLE ID]" Example to get a Role ID

  • You need to work with ddwork. You can check your work hour's with "ddbalance". If you want to change your job type "ddjoblist" then you can see if a new job is available.

    You can play Coinflip with your earned DoubleD Dollars to get more DoubleD Dollars or lose your bet DoubleD Dollars, it is a 50/50 chance, use "ddcoinflip [AMOUNT]" or "ddcoinflip [AMOUNT] (TYP)"

  • 1. You can use Youtube together by typing "ddplayyttogether".

    2. Then click on the invite url.

  • The server levels are there to unlock something at DoubleD when you reach a certain level.

    The user level shows how active a user is.

    Example: from level 30 all users on the respective server can use premium commands

  • All people using this bot can try to start a bankrob. Each failure gets $10,000 in the bank.

    if someone manages to successfully carry out the bank robbery, receives $25,000 - $50.000.

  • All people using this bot can try to start a casinorob. Each failure gets $10,000 in the casino safe.

    if someone manages to successfully carry out the casino robbery, receives $50,000 - $75.000.

  • All people using this bot and have Premium Silver can try to start a diamondrob. Each failure gets $10,000 in the store.

    if someone manages to successfully carry out the store robbery, receives $80,000 - $150.000 & 5 Diamonds.

  • More than likely, we are rebooting for an update or performance fixes. If the bot is ever offline more than 30 minutes, check in at our support server to see if there's major downtime planned.

  • Yes, we save client id's and client usernames to count "Commands" and for "Premium".
    We do not log like chats, but only like entered commands for DoubleD Bot.

  • You can bypass the cooldown with "Premium" or with our Premium Giveaways on our Discord.

  • DoubleD exists since 02.08.2020(DD/MM/YYYY)

  • You can change DoubleD's prefix by typing "ddsetprefix [PREFIX]"

  • You can disable server levelup messages by typing "ddlogtoggle levelupmessage"

    You can disable user levelup messages by typing "ddlogtoggle userlevelupmessage"

  • Our hoster is MC-Host24. We can only recommend MC-Host24 to others.

Join Our Support server if your question has not been answered above, or if you have more questions about the content of the answers.

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Command Description Example Required rank
ddhelp Get all Command from DoubleD ddhelp Everyone
ddsetprefix PREFIX Set a new Bot prefix on this guild! ddsetprefix - Everyone
ddsetlogchannel ID Send logs to specify channel ddsetlogchannel 810603505760469045 Everyone
ddwork Start 1 Hour working ddwork Everyone
ddjoblist See all Jobs ddjoblist Everyone
ddradiolist See all available Radios ddradiolist Everyone
ddlogtoggle TYPE Toggle a Log Setting ddlogtoggle (levelupmessage,userlevelupmessage,log) Everyone
ddplay YOUTUBE URL Play a youtube song ddplay https://youtu.be/kwHVU4s8ElE Everyone
ddskip Skip the current playing song ddskip Everyone
ddqueue Displays the current queue ddqueue Everyone
ddcreateticket Create a ticket ddcreateticket Everyone
ddcloseticket Close your ticket ddcloseticket Everyone
ddmodtoggle TYPE Toggle a Moderation Setting ddmodtoggle (nsfw,urlblocker,inviteblocker) Everyone
ddplaytogether Play Youtube Videos on your server ddplaytogether DoubleD Premium
ddloop Loop current playing music ddloop DoubleD Premium
ddridinggif Get a Riding gif ddridinggif DoubleD Premium
ddonlyfans Get a Onlyfans leake ddonlyfans DoubleD Premium
ddtentai Get a tentai picture ddtentai DoubleD Premium
ddfoxtails Get a foxtail picture ddfoxtails DoubleD Premium
dddiamondrob Try to rob the Diamond store dddiamondrob DoubleD Premium +

User Premium

Plans comparison Free DoubleD Premium DoubleD Premium +
No Cooldown at commands
  • Exclusive commands (click)
  • Exclusive embed color
  • Premium support & premium help
  • Premium Commands works on all servers
  • Double XP boost on server per message
  • None song duration limit
  • Loop songs
  • Special rankcards
  • Special role on our Discord
  • DoubleD Premium
  • DoubleD Premium +
  • DoubleD Doller (per command use)
  • 30$
  • 70$
  • Music queue limit
  • 15
  • 35
  • 80
  • Maximum number at Sellitem (per command)
  • 1000
  • 10000
  • 50000
  • Maximum number at Coinflip (per command)
  • 250000$
  • 800000$
  • 2000000$
  • Maximum number at Gamble (per command)
  • 250000$
  • 800000$
  • 2000000$
  • Maximum number at Transfer (per command)
  • 250000$
  • 800000$
  • 2000000$

  • Server Premium

    Plans comparison Free/user Premium DoubleD Premium S
    DoubleD User Premium for the purchaser
  • No Cooldown at commands on your server
  • Exclusive commands on your server (click)
  • Premium Commands works on your server for all users
  • Double XP boost on your server per message
  • Transferable to a new/other server
  • None song duration limit
  • Look at User premium
  • Maximum number for premium server
  • 1
  • Special role on our Discord
  • Look at User premium
  • DoubleD Premium Server
  • Music queue limit
  • Look at User premium
  • 200
  • DoubleD Doller on your server (per command use)
  • Look at User premium
  • 50$
  • Global stats

    Total servers Total members Total channels Uploaded pics Uploaded gifs Commands Commands used
    1384 335938 36054 11401 933 164 278009
    Work hours from all users Money from all users Premium users Premium servers
    8554 $ 188582157 31 2

    Achievement stats

    How many people have reached the achievement
    Over 500k $ Over 1m $ Over 5m $ Over 10m $ Over 20m $
    49 29 10 4 1
    Over 50 Work Hours Over 100 Work Hours Over 150 Work Hours Over 200 Work Hours Over 250 Work Hours Over 300 Work Hours
    40 23 14 13 7 7
    Bankrob successfully Casinorob successfully Diamondrob successfully
    86 81 43


    Place Name Work hour(s)
    ChrìzAndré 928 h
    DORTEY 430 h
    Jäżżÿ 418 h
    4 (●´⌓`●) 409 h
    5 408 h
    6 Timbus 2000 370 h
    7 QUIETGUY 357 h
    8 Seraph 355 h
    9 elGrey 341 h
    10 AngelinaS 275 h
    Place Name Cmd used
    TheNextFuture/Cyrbie 5154 x
    DORTEY 4842 x
    Seraph 4637 x
    4 ChrìzAndré 3551 x
    5 NemoDE 2677 x
    6 QUIETGUY 2485 x
    7 2376 x
    8 Kyouka Izumi 2338 x
    9 ℱℛℰℰℤ ☬ 2267 x
    10 Rambo016g01 2239 x
    Place Servername Level
    Discord Bots 60
    aaaaa 56
    Midtown 53
    5 ssamurai jack 53
    6 Kookie’s Kingdom | Social • Chill • Emojis/Emotes 51
    7 Void Bots 50
    8 Weebs and Gamers 49
    9 Perfection vibed and dan was here 49
    10 Army Nostálgica Muñecarista © 46
    Place Name Money
    DORTEY $ 22971115
    ChrìzAndré $ 16551022
    Angiiiiiii $ 16511047
    4 todvy $ 13505796
    5 lukas $ 11378770
    6 Seraph $ 9079405
    7 $ 7917006
    8 Michellee $ 6524239
    9 (●´⌓`●) $ 6313327
    10 $ 6211557


    Rule 1️⃣

    User-bots, Spamming and Macros

    Usage of user-bots, macros, scripts, auto-typers or anything else enabling automation of commands is strictly forbidden. In addition to this, massive amounts of spam is not allowed and will be punished with equal severity.

    Rule 2️⃣

    Sharing Exploits

    Sharing exploits or exploitative bugs with other users is forbidden. Please report all exploits and bugs to staff on the 'DoubleD Bot - Support & Community' so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

    Rule 3️⃣

    Racism, Homophobia, Sexism or Slurs

    None of the above will be tolerated through usage of DoubleD . We will not punish you for what you say outside of the usage of our commands. Evidence found of this done through our commands will result in punishment.

    Rule 4️⃣


    Usage of DoubleD to advertise or promote anything will result in a punishment. This includes other Discord servers. Giving our currency in exchange for invites to your server is also forbidden.

    Rule 5️⃣

    Real Money Trading

    DoubleD's currency is not to be traded for real money or discord nitro. Buying anything with real money outside of our website, will get you a ban and will get you blacklisted.